Workshop, First aid Training

Workshop, First aid Training

Rsk is part of everyone’s life and we cant avoid risks. But we can put things in place to manage them effectively. In this course we will cover the following topics: –

Health & Safety Management Courses

  •   Risk Assessment
  •   Understanding Hazards
  •   Investigating Accidents / Incidents
  •   First Aid
  •   Disaster management and Emergency Planning
  •   Contractor Safety Management
  •   Understanding Health and Safety Policy

Presonnel Protection

  •   Introduction about Personnel Protective Equipment
  •   Eye Protection
  •   Hand Protection
  •   Noise Protection

Confined Space

  •  Confined Space Entry
  •   Confined Space Entry Attender
  •  Confined Space Gas Tester

Emergency Training

  •  Fire Safety
  •   Fire Risk Assessment
  •  Fire Warden
  •  H2S Awareness Training
  •   Fire Extinguisher Training