Safety Management Courses

International Diploma Courses
A perfect introduction to (Nebosh HSW) health and safety at Work

This introductory qualification will help improve the safety culture in your organisation, by equipping your workforce to identify and deal with hazards at work helping to reduce accidents and achieving cost savings for the business.

The qualification is designed to meet the needs of an international audience. There is no content on UK law. The multiple choice assessment is currently available in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Russian.

This qualification is an ideal first step towards other higher level NEBOSH qualifications including NEBOSH's International General Certificate and National General Certificate.

What kind of people take the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work qualification?

This introductory qualification is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job.

The typical people who would benefit from this qualification include:

  • Team leaders and supervisors
  • High level operators/skilled workers
  • HR management and staff
  • Facilities managers
What does this course cover?

This 3 day course covers the basic health and safety principles and practices essential in the workplace.

These include:

  • Understanding risk assessments and control strategies;
  • Applying these control strategies to a number of common workplace hazards, including fire, electrical, transport and manual handling.
How are the Candidates taking this Courses Assessed.

Students / Candidates taking this course are assessed by a multiple choice examination and a practical risk assessment which tests their ability to put into practice the knowledge gained during the course.

Students need to be proficient in written English to successfully complete the assessments.

A qualification parchment is issued following successful completion of the two units.

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC)

Achieve recognition for your health and safety skills and knowledge anywhere in the world with the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

What kind of people take the NEBOSH Health and Safety IGC qualification?

Managers, supervisors and employees throughout the world take the NEBOSH International General Certificate because it gives them the skills and know-how to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities in any country and in any kind of organisation.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a sound basis for progression on to the NEBOSH International Diploma. No previous health and safety knowledge is required.

Please contact our course advisor for further information and available examination dates

What does NEBOSH Health and Safety IGC course cover in General?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) covers the principles relating to health and safety, identification and control of workplace hazards and the practical application of this knowledge.

The IGC syllabus takes a risk management approach based on best practice and international standards, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) codes of practice.

Local laws and cultural factors may form part of the study programme where relevant and appropriate. The qualification also features a practical workplace assessment.

IGC Course is Divided into 3 Units Each of which is accessed separately

Unit IGC 1: Management of International Health and safety

  • Foundation in Health and safety
  • Health and Safety Management Systems - Plan
  • Health and Safety Management Systems - Do
  • Health and Safety Management Systems - Check
  • Health and safety Management Systems - Act

Unit GC 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards

  • Element 1: Workplace Hazards and Risk Control
  • Element 2: Transport Hazards and Risk Control
  • Element 3: Musculature Hazards and Risk Control
  • Element 4: Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control
  • Element 5: Electrical Safety
  • Element 6: Fire Safety
  • Element 7: Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk control
  • Element 8: Physical and physiological Health Hazards and Risk control

Unit GC 3: International health and safety practical application

How are the Candidates taking this Courses Assessed.

SUnits IGC1 and IGC2 are taught units each assessed by one two-hour written exam. Each written exam consists of ten 'short-answer' questions and one 'long-answer' question. All questions are compulsory. Candidate scripts are marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH.

Unit IGC3 is assessed by one two-hour practical examination carried out in the candidate's own workplace. The assessment must normally be taken within 14 days of a written examination.

The practical examination is internally assessed by the course provider and externally moderated by NEBOSH. On successful completion the candidate is awarded NEBOSH IGC in Occupational Health and Safety

IOSH Managing Safely

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. With more than 40,000 individual members, IOSH was founded in 1945 and is a registered charity and the first European safety body to be awarded non-governmental organization status by the International Labour Organization.

IOSH Managing Safely designed for managers and supervisors, of any organization or sector. IOSH MS is an exceptional training course for the health and safety professionals across the world, also for the advancement in NEBOSH Certification the IOSH MS can provide an excellent platform.

Managing Safely

  • A three/four day course covering health and safety management basics
  • High quality animated graphics
  • Sophisticated, fun presentation
  • Content based on what delegates need to know in practice
  • Clear scenarios managers can relate to their workplace
  • A range of ready-to-use training tools, including a board game, DVDs and quizzes

After the successful completion of projects and exam the delegates will be awarded an IOSH managing safely certificate.

What does this qualification cover?
  • Introducing Managing safely
  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance
  • Protecting our environment

How is it assessed?

OSH MS certification Assessment consists of two methods including an examination & a Risk Assessment project based on their industry type.