GAS Welding & Cutting

GAS Welding & Cutting

Gas welding is a fusion welding process. It joints metals, using the heat of combustion of an oxygen and fuel gas (i.e- acetylene, hydrogen, propane or butane) mixture. The intense heat (flame) thus produced melts and fuses together the edge of the parts to be welded, generally with the addition of a filler metal. The oxy-acetylene flame reaches a temperature of about 32000C and thus can melt all commercial metals which during welding to form a complete bond.


1.Oxygen gas cylinder.

2. Acetylene gas cylinder.

3. Pressure regulator.

4. Both gas hose pipes.

5. Welding torch or blow pipe with set of nozzle and gas lighter.

6. Trolley for the transportation of oxygen and acetylene cylinders.

7. Cylinder key and spanner.

8. Filler rods and fluxes.


1.It can be applied to a wide variety of manufacturing and maintenance situations.

2. Welder has considerable control the temperature of the metal in the weld zone.

3. The equipment is versatile, low cost, self sufficient and usually portable. Beside gas welding the equipments can be used for preheating, post heating, braze welding, torch brazing and it is readily converted to oxygen cutting.


1. For joining thin materials.

2. In automotive and aircraft industries, in sheet metal, fabrication jobs.

3. For joining most ferrous and non-ferrous metals e.g- Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, magnesium and its alloy etc.

4. Two time test. 1st terminal test will be held after three months and the final test will be held after finished the theoretical classes.

There are sessional test will be held every month for knowledge progress. After completion the training trainees are awarded the Certificate by Institution and arranges a job placement For regional and national companies in India and abroad, mostly gulf and Arab countries overseas and manpower offices.

How does GAFS Technical Institute help you ?

Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety Technical Institute offers two months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of Gas Welding. We provide the complete training on Gas Welding & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading Gas Welding training institutes in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.