About Us

About Us

Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety is a provider of occupational health and safety training and consultancy services. Based in Delhi, we offer courses throughout the India, catering for a wide range of industries, individuals, and organisations. We have excellent training facilities at our centers in Delhi where we can deliver accredited training under a multitude of awarding bodies.

At Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety you will feel welcomed and catered for throughout the entire training process. We also deliver our courses at venues to better suit our clients, either at their workplace or a prearranged suitable venue, helping to reduce travel expenses and downtime.

Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety was founded in the Summer of 2012. After a period of delivering more basic Health & Safety programmes we began to employ highly qualified Health and Safety specialists with backgrounds in a variety of sectors, enabling the company to complete with some of the more established training providers of the time.

Over the next few years the team grew to include experienced safety professions, a strong and quality driven customer services and admin department ,Health & Safety and Social Care Tutors. The skill-set amongst our training staff is now as varied as it is advanced. This has enabled the organisation to diversify in to a wide variety of sectors, all the while becoming approved under each sector's recognisedawarding organisation to offer accredited training.

Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety is a forward-thinking and innovative HSE training and consultancy company. Our training services have benefited clients allover the India. We thrive on providing tailored and cost-effective solutions to your HSE challenges, and This is borne-out by repeated excellent delegate satisfaction and other feedback correspondence from our clients. Two years ago, we developed a simple 'Mission Statement' designed to capture our passion for excellence:

"Excellence in everything we do-

Exceeding expectations at every opportunity."

Our Mission is thus to consistently identify, agree - even anticipate - your needs, and to strive to exceed them at all times.