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Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety is a provider of occupational health and safety training and consultancy services. Based in Delhi, we offer courses throughout the India, catering for a wide range of industries, individuals, and organisations. We have excellent training facilities at our centers in Delhi where we can deliver accredited training under a multitude of awarding bodies. At Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety you will feel welcomed and catered for throughout the entire training process. We also deliver our courses at venues to better suit our clients, either at their workplace or a prearranged suitable venue, helping to reduce travel expenses and downtime.

Gulf Academy of Fire and Safety Management Courses

Mobile Crane Operator

R.T crane (Rough terrain crane) which is control from one cabin and in the cabin there driving system and operating system are attached.

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GAS Welding & Cutting

Gas welding is a fusion welding process. It joints metals, using the heat of combustion of an oxygen and fuel gas (i.e- acetylene, hydrogen, propane or butane) mixture.

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Industrial Safety & fire safety Management

Global Industries have understood the importance and need of safety to run their business successfully & effectively.

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In House Training

His Course will help all those employees who are involved in handling, shipping, transporting and/or storing hazardous material to understand

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Safety Management Courses

This introductory qualification will help improve the safety culture in your organisation, by equipping your workforce to identify and deal with hazards at work

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National Diploma Courses

The UK offshore industry employs morThe present day industrial environment demands increased production, nigh efficiency, control of costs, stringent quality controls, etc.

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